Without a doubt, some of our most spectacular projects involve bi-folding door and window systems.  The fact that bi-folding systems are incredibly functional, as well as bring the cool factor, make them very popular in the hospitality industry.  It’s not uncommon that a client has enjoyed one of our bi-folding systems at a local restaurant or hotel, and they want to recreate that use and style in their own home.

Picture this.
Your favorite guests are arriving, and before the mingling even starts, the topic of conversation is the gorgeous view outside of your impressive custom bi-folding door system. “How does that door open?!” You smoothly push three panels to the right, followed by three to the left. “Wow!” In an instant, the wall opens up and your living space has doubled.  Let the fresh air in, and the fun begin. And they haven’t even seen the rollaway screen yet!

We are incredibly pleased with our new glass bi-folding door.  It has transformed our home into a designer’s showcase.  When friends and family enter our home, the reaction is immediate and overwhelmingly positive with the door wide open or even closed.  Both looks have a bold and unique effect on the home that you don’t often see in a residential setting.  Our door has set our common floor plan apart from the rest of the community and is sure to increase the value of our home.  We recently hosted a party and opened up the door completely.  We found that it increased our usable living space with guests easily flowing from the family room to the outdoor space.  No longer did those guests outside feel removed from the action inside.  We wish we had installed this door years ago.

Paul & Michelle, Scottsdale Homeowners